Let Me Get The Bill Inc. provides personal, professional and confidential accounts organization and management services to clients who need customized help organizing financial and business matters while being treated with fairness, discretion and dignity.

We assist a wide variety of people such as seniors requiring expanding financial services as abilities are decreased due to age or illness. Loved ones, busy with work and family may need help to handle these increased challenges. One in four American families provides care for loved ones who may live near or far. Our clients are also retirees traveling or busy with social activities who choose to have their paperwork managed. Busy career people working long hours or traveling can delegate financial service maintenance and organization. Adults facing a difficult transition after divorce or death of a loved one can receive the assistance to ease this stressful time. Navigating the paper maze is especially difficult for persons whose health issues make it difficult to coordinate financial responsibilities.

Let Me Get The Bill Inc. is a daily money management firm associated with the American Association of Daily Money Managers, the American Health Information Management Association and the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Let us help. Contact Gloria S. Froman at 847-677-3575